This will be the name of our campaign

Session 4

Having found the ancient mirror at the excavation site, the party heads back to Winterhaven. There they learn the history of Shadowfell Keep as told by Valthorn. Lord Padrig is somber now, and the town’s guards have a newfound respect for the party. After finding out about the grave danger posed to Winterhaven by the cult of Orcus, the group heads out to eliminate the threat.

They arrived in keep and dispatched the goblin guards at the entrance. Then the party moves to area 2 and cleared the torture chamber. Seeing Splug incarcerated at the hands of his own people, and taking pity on him after his pitiful story about being the runt of the litter, the group decides to free Splug. In exchange, Splug tells the group about the secret door leading to Balgron the Fat’s lair. He will also fill them in on what’s going on in the excavation site. Splug claims to want to follow and serve the great heros by carrying their belongings.



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