This will be the name of our campaign

Session 5

Taking the goblin Splug’s advice, the heroes approached the lair of Balgurm the Fat from behind, through a series of secret doors. The stealthy Gary and Tuco approached the room, while the not-so-stealthy Komal, Belok and Iphigenia waited behind, ready to spring into action at the first hint of trouble. Balgrum was caught unaware, and he was slain by Gary and Tuco before he could even get to his feet. The party had little trouble then finishing off the rest of Balgrum’s guard. Iphigenia found a shiny new orb in the chest at the foot of Balgrum’s bed.

The heroes then cleared out the remaining goblins from dungeons below the keep when the found an excavation site. Facing some tough foes, the party prevailed through the use of superior tactics. This despite Gary being the only one who could balance on a plank. It appears the goblins were looking for old relics from those who created the ward over the portal to the Shadowfell deep below the Shadowfell Keep. This scene is very similar to what the group discovered at the old excavation site in the woods south of Winterhaven



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