Completed Quests

Gil has returned the documents sacred to Sehanine to the Moonsong Temple in Fallcrest.

Parle Cranewing, a sage from Fallcrest, has commissioned your group to construct a detailed map of the ruins of an old keep near the city of Winterhaven. Parle has offered you 250gp in exchange for a complete rendering of the keep.

The party returned their supplies to the refugees in Winterhaven.

Your party has discovered that the cult of Orcus is active in the area of Winterhaven. Specifically, they are operating out of Shadowfell Keep and are trying to break the magical seals of an ancient portal to an area of the Shadowfell dominated by Orcus. The portal lies deep under the Keep’s ruins. If successful, undead will pour forth from the portal and easily overrun the inhabitants of Winterhaven and possible the entire Nentir Vale. Lord Padrig has offered your group a reward of 250gp to deal with this threat to his town.

The baron of Winterhaven, Lord Padrig, has commisioned the group do deal with the town’s bandit problem. He has offered the group 100gp to clear out the bandits.

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Completed Quests

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