Rules Clarifications

Minions: Minions do not take damage on a miss. However, any automatic source of damage instantly kills them, as well as any hit that deals damage.

Actions: Immediate actions (either reactions or interrupts) may only be used once per round. Opportunity actions may be used once per character’s or enemy’s turn. Sir Keegan should have only got to use his immediate reaction once per round (my bad!).

Climbing Speed: You climb at one-half your speed as per the skill guide you all have.

From Martial Power 2 Versatile Weapons: If you use a versatile weapon, switching your grip from one hand to two hands is a free action. However, if a power requires you to have a hand free, you must keep that hand free for the entire attack or until you use the hand for something that is part of the attack, such as grabbing an enemy. Interpretation: Komal will lose his AC bonus if a enemy interrupts his attack and he is using both hands on his weapon for the damage bonus.

Rules Clarifications

This will be the name of our campaign Mimner