Okay so this is where I’m supposed to describe our campaign. The problem is we haven’t written anything yet! Ideas anyone?

WARNING: Everything that gets posted on this campaign is PUBLIC. Anyone can view the contents of this campaign at any time. No personal contact information pls.

You can make “in character” journal entries in the Adventure Log for each session or group of sessions. For those familiar with blogs, this is how the Adventure Log is set up.

Don’t forget to check out the Wiki. Here’s a link to the Main Page. Take special note of the Character Development section. Here I’ve listed all the “in character” answers to the questions you have been posed during the sessions. I’ve also included sections for you to give a physical description and a character bio. After these sections are filled in we will create your characters in the characters tab and you can upload portraits of them.

This will be the name of our campaign

tfsalamander iphigenia lordminkie elshauno